Implementation Phase

The 12-month period of time where clinics participating in the ACHIEVE Phase II study work with the ACHIEVE study team’s Nurse Coordinators and implement a multi-component strategy for integrating the Alliance for Innovation in Maternal Health’s (AIM) Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy patient safety bundle’s (HTN bundle) components into their outpatient setting. The HTN bundle is evidence-based and known to effectively improve response time, recognition, and treatment of hypertension in pregnancy when implemented in inpatient settings such as hospitals. To successfully integrate the HTN bundle into the outpatient setting (O-HTN bundle) ACHIEVE engages clinic care teams in the following implementation strategies:

  1. Training: Purposeful, ongoing, skill-based, and adult-learning informed processes designed to support clinical care teams in acquiring the skills and information needed to use evidence-based practices (ERIC). During the implementation phase, two trainings will be led by clinical members of ACHIEVE’s leadership team.
  1. Coaching Sessions: A process of interactive problem solving and support with the clinic implementation team that occurs in a context of a recognized need for improvement and a supportive interpersonal relationship (ERIC). This includes audit and feedback on clinic performance on assigned tasks. The implementation team will participate in monthly coaching sessions during implementation through recorded training, in-person meetings, and virtual meetings.
  1. Simulation: A technique that creates a situation or environment to allow persons to experience a representation of a real event for practice, learning, evaluation, testing, or to gain an understanding of systems or human actions (ERIC) Clinical care teams will participate in simulations three times during implementation.