Community Engagement

ACHIEVE's Community Engagement Team strives to develop strategies for responding to high blood pressure in pregnant people that are deeply rooted in the experiences of those most impacted. We believe in the power of collaboration, and we work to center community voices in our data collection, product development, implementation, and sustainment. ACHIEVE’s community engagement team does this through two key strategies:

  1. Convening monthly for our Coalition meeting, which facilitates bidirectional communication among an array of community members
  2. Coordinating two Patient Action Groups (PAGs) that meet monthly with individuals that have experienced high blood pressure during pregnancy



ACHIEVE’S Community Coalition

The Coalition gathers people from the communities served by clinics participating in the ACHIEVE project. Monthly coalition meetings engage clinic providers, members of community-based organizations, ACHIEVE team members, and community members with lived experiences of perinatal high blood pressure. Follow this link to browse our list of community partners and coalition members.

Together, we work towards:

  • Co-designing materials that meet the needs of our patients and communities.
  • Holding meaningful conversations to provide feedback and ensure accountability.
  • Ensuring representation across all phases of the project.

In 2023 the project transitioned from a pilot study to a clinical research trial, which provided an opportunity to develop plans for significantly increasing impact. Throughout 2024 - 2026 project team members will work with 20 clinic teams to adopt the project’s proven strategies for quality improvement to care while simultaneously expanding community outreach and coalition building efforts so that we are inclusive of and responsive to clinic communities’ needs.

If you're interested in learning more about the coalition and want to connect with our community engagement team, please fill out a short form. Your information will only be shared with our community engagement coordinator, who will contact you directly.

Patient Action Groups

Patient Action Groups (PAGs) are work groups led by patients, specifically birthing people who have experienced pregnancy-related high blood pressure. These groups gather monthly to share their experiences and offer valuable recommendations and guide development of our patient education materials and procedures. This input is crucial as it helps ensure the accuracy and relevance of our intervention strategies implemented in community clinic settings.

During PAG meetings and other activities that engage PAG members, we aim to create a supportive environment where participants can freely share their stories and insights. Together, we work towards:

  • Creating a comfortable space for sharing experiences, and.
  • Providing thoughtful recommendations to enhance ACHIEVE's implementation process.

If you have lived experience with pregnancy-related high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease and are interested to receive information about participating in ACHIEVE PAGs follow this link here