Who We Are

ACHIEVE stands for Advancing Community and Clinical Care for Childbirth-related Hypertension Through Implementation, Engagement, and Valuing Health Equity.

We are a diverse, interdisciplinary team of clinicians, researchers, and community members collaborating to improve maternal child health in North Carolina by implementing quality improvement strategies for the care of high blood pressure and hypertension during pregnancy in outpatient clinic settings.

Image of infographic showing the problem, solution, and intended outcome of AC3HIEVE


Our Goal

Building on the ACHIEVE Phase I Pilot, ACHIEVE Phase II's overall goal is to demonstrate the effect of a multicomponent strategy on outpatient clinics' adoption and high-quality implementation of the outpatient hypertension bundle (O-HTN bundle) in settings that reach birthing people at greatest risk for maternal morbidity and mortality (3M).

Our Core Values

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Health Equity

We value health equity -- the idea that everyone should have a fair opportunity to attain their full health potential. This is a staple of our implementation study and is the driving force behind our organization.


Bidirectional communication

We value listening and communicating with our community to ensure that we are providing relevant and meaningful change aligned with equitable health opportunities. ACHIEVE has held multiple discussions with focus groups, community partners, and our two Patient Action Groups (PAGs), in which we speak to birthing people about their lived experiences to identify gaps in patient care.


High-quality, evidence-based, respectful care

We value care that is high-quality, evidence-based, and respectful. To achieve this, our initiative is using research-supported implementation practices directly influenced by the conversations we are having with birthing people with lived experience.

ACHIEVE Timeline and Milestones