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Our Video on Respectful Care


What To Do With Your Blood Pressure Numbers

Click below for a downloadable infographic resource that describes what actions a pregnant person should take if their blood pressure is within certain ranges and/or if they are experiencing certain physical symptoms.

Que hacer con las lecturas de su Presion Arteria

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Antiracist Birth Prenatal & Postnatal Care Preferences - A List of Patient Preferences

This one-page list of care preferences was created to address the impact of racism on the care the authors experienced as pregnant Black women/persons, and it shares ways providers can support their patients and make them feel safe. It is published by LOOM, an online resource for women's health and wellbeing.


Protecting Your Birth: A Guide for Black Mothers

Published in 2020 by the New York Times, this guide provides practical strategies and language for Black pregnant people to use conversations with their OBGYN to address their concerns about racism and its potential impact on their delivery. It also provides care providers with actions they can take to reduce the impacts of racism on their patients' care.